…only interpreted the world…

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.”

– Karl Marx


Ransom Quote

“Who knew that Lucifer was cutting side deals.
I know he’s coming for me so I keep my eyes peeled.
Although my situation’s never really ideal,
if I don’t find a better way then maybe God will
and he ain’t got no trophies for the runner up
The escalator is going down, but I’m running up.
They told me I was gonna be nothing but a lost cause
Nigga you been down a couple years, so how you coming up?
How you stop a nigga from leaving after the love is lost?
How you stop a nigga from bleeding after the blood is lost?
Yeah, I got a couple of demons, don’t get no one involved
Yeah, I got some goals I’m achieving; nigga I want it all!
The money’s piling, I’m diving in it, I somersault.
My stomach’s growling, I gotta get it, I’m coming for it!
Let’s swap shoes; you can know how I feel.
Guess I’m just a little confused, I don’t know if it’s real”

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