Joe Budden Quote

“So I don’t never say what I can’t do.
If he can be happy with life then nigga I can too!
While Jose wanna die
Ain’t tell nobody, but eyeing his eyes [I] feel I should probably identify.
I said ‘everyday he lives with pain and want to end it.
Something’s wired wrong in your brain, you gotta mend it.’
[He] had a bad breakup and let it expose dude
But if she was getting you high then she would get you low too.
So who’s there to wait on me?
Y’all just get it off y’all and put the weight on me
Nigga looked me in my eyes, it was amazing to me
And said ‘you don’t understand you not as crazy as me
You got God, nigga! I’m the most mentally flawed nigga
You not even built to withstand all I’ve endured, nigga
You know shit about the thoughts in my head
Or the strength I need daily just to get out of bed
Just to open my eyes! nigga, open your eyes!
The words spoken of wise, you just know a disguise
We can end this right here, I got nothing more to say to you
You ain’t never met another fucking nigga crazier'”

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